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DURO-TUSS® Chesty Cough Liquid

For chesty coughs. DURO-TUSS Chesty Cough liquid contains effective mucolytic agent to clear chest congestion. Breaks down mucus and helps clear excess mucus from the chest. Flavour: Forest Fruit

DURO-TUSS® Herbal Chesty Cough Liquid

For natural relief of chesty coughs. DURO-TUSS Herbal Chesty Cough Liquid contains Ivy Leaf (Hedera Helix) to clear chest congestion. Flavour: Cherry Flavour

DURO-TUSS® Herbal Dry Cough Liquid

For natural relief of dry cough DURO-TUSS Herbal Dry Cough Liquid contains a natural active ingredient – Marshmallow Root Extracts to relieve dry cough. Marshmallow Root Extract can form a protective layer to soothe irritation and inflammation...


DURO-TUSS® Chesty Cough Liquid DURO-TUSS® Herbal Chesty Cough Liquid DURO-TUSS® Herbal Dry Cough Liquid

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